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June 4th

Drastic 218: Could be worse, he could have walked in with a ruler..

It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m sitting on a train on the way back home to glorious Dublin. Of course by the time this is uploaded, I’ll be back in the aforementioned capital city. There’s a couple sitting across from me eating the faces off each other I have no idea whether to ignore them or ask if I can join in. Also, the position of their hands makes me paranoid that he’ll be getting a covert handjob under the table. Fair play to them, but these are clean jeans and I don’t want to get a splashes on them. Remember people: if ever jerking someone off on public transport, please be courteous of those around you and aim away, or least keep it in his pants. OR better yet, don’t masturbate your partner in public!!

INCENTIVES!! Hopefully, you’ll like today’s, as I have whole weeks worth done along the same lines. Internet fads, TO ME!!

Rain seemed to be the order of the weekend, this bank holiday. Stupid weather. I think it rained all day Sunday, without repent. I managed to go for a run along the beach and see some cows today though. Man, I love cows. They have the capacity to look elegant and fucking ridiculous all in the same instant. The ones I saw today were pretty friendly, too. Maybe they knew I wasn’t going to eat them, so we were cool.

Any ways, the shit weather goes against the unwritten rule of Irish weather: “It shall always be sunny on the June bank Holiday weekend to torture those poor bastards doing their Junior and Leaving Certs.” The majority of my Irish readers can probably remember the feeling of imprisonment that comes from scouring over Hamlet and other such nonsense while the sun beamed through your windows, taunting you to enjoy yourself, but NOoooOOOooo, you had to study. But now, the weather was awful, and the balance is disturbed.

Incidentally, for those keeping up, the couple are still making out, their hand placement breeds suspicion, and bizzarely, the gaggle of old people in the next isle remain oblivious. Oh great, now they ignore people. Pfft. Back in the day. I couldn’t even light up a crack pipe in public without being on the business end of accusatory coughs and icy, awkward, blameful glares. Guess times have changed, huh?? But whats the good in being old if you can’t look down on people for making the same mistakes you probably made?? Madness.

As much as I can enjoy Star Trek, I don’t think actual Star Trek fans actually count me among their ranks as I actually did enjoy Voyager. And I still can’t watch the original series, now matter how awesome William Shatner is. Also, am I the only nerd on the plant who hasn’t seen the Wrath of Kahn?? Sometimes, I think I am. But I’ve seen Kirk going “KAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNNNN,” like a million times, not to mention the countless parodies, so what am I missing??

See you on Wednesday.
Adam 01

May 30th

Drastic 217: Seriously, where's the Cagney & Lacey Movie?


Yeah, I know, I suck. Stupid life getting in the way of doing comics. Seriously, I have a ton written, but I literally haven’t had the energy to draw one. Quick life tip: No matter what you may think, self destructive behaviour isn’t eccentric and charming. I know the clues in the name, but come on.

Seriously, Shatner would be a great Hannibal Smith. It’d be beyond great. He’s completely gone off the deep end and just doesn’t care. How magnificent is that?? Bill Shatner is the embodiment of how awesome it is to be old. I mean, once you reach a certain age, you can literally stop giving a shit and so whatever you want, with very little consequence. Its exactly like being in your twenties, but you’ll have money and if you drop dead, its not as big of a deal. Sure it’ll be sad, once you hit 65, most people will be surreptitiously checking their watches and places bets on when you snuff it. It’s a fact of life, you can’t escape it.

I got my hands on the new Queens of the Stone Age album, Era Vulgaris. I still have no idea what to think of it. It’s easily one of the most unique sounding records I’ve heard this year, but is it any good?? I’m still not sure. It does sound like Radiohead took a whole bunch of coke and speed and decided to rock the fuck out, though. So I guess it has that going in its favour. I uploaded 6 of the tracks for you to check out and see for yourself.

The track are : Turning the Screw, Sick Sick Sick, I’m Designer, Battery Acid, 3’s & 7’s and Suture up your Future. Like I said, it’s a really interesting album to listen to, so check it out. Sick Sick Sick is pretty much all over the place, and is a good indication of what the main direction of this album is. I really hope “I’m designer” gets more exposure as it’s a genuinely creepy song and a lot of fun.

So, I lost an Eagle Award to Penny Arcade. I’m pissed that I lost, but still honoured I was nominated. I really want to thank everyone who voted for me, that was awesome. Thanks guys.

See you on Friday.

Adam 01

May 9

Drastic 216: "Kittenesque" to Coin a Phrase

Seriously, there is a John Lennon action figure you can buy

It comes in regular old 7 inch scale, so John Lennon can hang out with your Ninja Turtle toys and what not and you can get the 18 inch version shown up top. It speaks and everything. By the by, it’s all I can do not to get some of the Turtles toys from the new movie. Well, I say “new,” the awesome one released in March. They look pretty shitty and that’s my saving grace. For now. But Michelangelo has a skateboard..

So yeah, no voting thingy. I’m technically on holidays here, visiting my Dad in Brussels, and there is lots to do. Why, on Monday, I got lost in Ikea. Well, sort of. Are all Ikea’s that big?? I am in two minds about Ikea. On the one hand, all the stuff looks great and handily enough, there are little play centres dotted around the place at nearly the precise moment I started to get bored of looking at couches and lampshades and beds and what have you, but on the other hand, I know as I get older, Ikea will literally sap the life out of me. I saw people, walking around in a zombie like state on a quest to have stuff and things for their homes and it’s a chilling future. Maybe those people fiercely opposed to Marriage could use “Don’t let Ikea Win” as a slogan??

Also, I’m thinking about faking senility when I’m in my seventies, just for shits and giggles. I’ll be seventy years old for gods sake, let me have some fun. So if my grandchildren are reading this, haha, got you.


Adam 01

May 4th

Drastic 215 : Please don't let it be Boston Legal Slash Fic...

Hey hey guys, hope you’re all set for a great weekend. I really hope the weather is a nice with you as it is here. The sun is shining, I’m wearing shorts, what’s not to love?? And the best part is that Ireland is enjoying fantastic weather too.

So yeah, the Election campaigns are in full swing, I guess. As I’m typing this rant up, Trevor Sergeant is talking about banning Junk Food advertising for children under 12. I really want to agree with the Green Party, I really do, but come on. Even if Mc Donalds didn’t advertise, people would still want to eat there. We need to change attitudes, and we can’t do that by blanket bans which look like knee jerk reactions. Also, it is impossible to take a bunch of people seriously who publicly refused to take their electric razors to England so they wouldn’t be using nuclear energy. I don’t even want to get into the many, many, many things wrong with that statement.

Also, no voting incentive today, but they’ll be back next week. Hooray.

See you on Monday.


Adam 01

May 3rd

Drastic Comics 214 : Well, She won't let him Rap Gansta

It's always a hard time to be a Metallica fan. They always seem to be pushing people away in the public eye. Be it from dealings with Napster, two Albums that seem to alienate their fan base with how "different" they were, and revealing to be among the biggest assholes in history in their documentary "Some Kind Of Monster." No matter what they do, they almost allow themselves to easily disliked.

Despite of all this, or maybe because of it, I'm still a huge fan. I don’t know how unique this opinion is, but I am adamant that their 2003 effort St. Anger is their best Album yet. Even though it was stripped down and built back up using Pro Tools, it is their first record which genuinely sounds like a collection of songs written by four friends. Notwithstanding the initial technological facade of the sound, I think it comes off as ineradicably organic audio experience. And no matter what you think, it is very hard to deny that Metallica can still put on an incredible live show. For a bunch of guys in their 40's, they can still rock. I just wish they could out an album. Jesus Christ guy, it'll be four ears since a new release this June. Come on.

Also, have you Pre-Ordered a copy of The Kid's Book Project?? The more pre orders we get, the more copies we can order on top of those additional orders, so dig deep guys. Its for a great cause.

see you tomorrow guys

Adam 01

May 1st

She's still Shocked that he knows what "reticent" means


Well, you guessed it, I totally fucked up on this five days a week update thing. Oh well, I got three up anyway. Anyways, I'm in Brusslls at the moment visting my Dad, and I'm loving it. Its a great city. It was literally infested with Boy Scouts on Sunday, but I can hardly blame a city for that, no mattr how hard I try. Seriously, who the fuck would want to abduct children when they're that annoying?? I guess people are just fucked up I guessed.

Also, voting time!! I hope you like it. Good ol'Mr T.

Anyway, My poor old faithful and loved Wacom Tablet, Jacob, died over the weekend. As you know, it gave up last year, but started working again and everything was great. But now, on Saturday, when I was trying to get todays comic up, it finally gave up the ghost. It was a good friend. Oh well,. I got a new Tablet yesterday which I have Christened Denny. LONG LIVE DENNY!!
Adam 01

April 25

Drastic 212, Does Anyone have any Matches?

YAY, 3 for 3!! But its only for this week, As of next Monday, we're back to three a week, so don't get too comfy. I'm doing this to get back into the swing of doing Drastic again, to give you guys a treat for sticking with the comic for nearly two update-less weeks and to see if I can. So far, so good.

Also, don't forget to vote!! Seriously, not that I'm complaining, but that ad is on everywhere!! I guess Snickers is getting their money's worth. Say, does anyone else want a chocolaty treat??

Ok, see you tomorrow!!

Adam 01

April 24

Drastic 211, Similar to "Suiting up," but with Subtle Differences

See?? I can do stuff. Two days, two comics. Boo and yeah. Anyways, On the advice of Bruno, I'm offering up a relatively blank version of Panel three for a Meme. Just Vote, Grab the image and add your own dialogue and post it in the comments section here and lets have some fun, shall we?? YAY fun!! Whoo amusement!!

Yeah, I was shown this by my friend Lucian and i thought I'd share it all with you guys. Scary stuff, eh??

Don't forget about the meme!! Seriously, the Comments section is open to anybody so feel free!!

See you tomorrow!!

Since I've found out you can't post images in the comments section, just email your memes to and i'll post them here, Collapse )

Adam 01

April 23, 2007

The Cardboard Box Proved Fruitless

I know this statement is kinda ironic since Today's comic is hardly on time, but seriously, there'll be updates everyday this week till Friday. I have it all written out and everything. Even though I actually had planned to do a different strip for today, but i forgot I was going to run it until I was halfway done with today's. Oh well. You'll see it soon. Oh yes.

This isn't going to the only time I'm going to mention this, but I'm involved with something called "The Kid's Book Project" Essentially its a huge comic jam for The Make a Wish Foundation. 60 webcomic artists like Joe Dunn Mitch Clem and the freakishly tall Ryan North and myself are all drawing a page. But we only get to see the page that comes before ours, so it should make for a pretty interesting comic. I know i plan to drink a whole bottle of cough syrup to make it extra freaky. or not. It is for under 12's and for a really good cause. I doubt tripping balls is in the spirit of this. Anyways, seriously, we need all the pre-orders we can get, so we make the maximum amount for The Make a Wish.

No incentive, but here's a comprehensive list of the films that use the word "fuck" the most. Enjoy.

See you tomorrow.
Adam 01

April 21

Drastic 209 You are Totally Humming that Theme Right Now, Right??

Hey, sorry its been so long. I've genuinely had lot of my plate recently and I just haven't been able to sit down and get a comic done. I'm really sorry about that and it kills me that I have missed 5 updates. I hope you don't think that this means I have become apathetic towards the comic, cos nothing could be father from the truth. I had just gotten into a position where I just couldn't do the comic. I hope you can forgive me.

Anyways, it's voting time. I couldn't think of an actual incentive to do, But I hope you like what you see. Seriously, I couldn't think of anything, I was literally scribbling away for like thirty minutes and nothing good was coming through.

And one more thing before I get back to drawing next weeks comics,

If you'd like to go and vote for Drastic in the Eagle Awards, please do. That would be awesome. Its in category 27, favourite Web Based comic Thank you all so much.

OK< I'm off and seriously to make up for this absolute lack of Drastic, I plan to update on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday next week. It's a thanks and an apology for sticking with the drought. YAY you guys.

See you on Monday