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August 8th

237: It's a Big Crowd, Just a Tight Shot, I Swear

If you’re a Mormon who is not Donny Osmond, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s certainly not sorry. But on the off the chance that Donny does read Drastic, no hard feelings ok?? It’s definitely nothing personal. I can’t think of any Mormons that actually bad people. Well, there is Mitt Romney, but I think he’d still be a ineffectual mouth breather no matter what his creed.  And it's easier to believe Orson Scott Card isn't actually a person.  Tough Luck, Ender's Game fans!!

Like I said, it’s nothing personal against your religion. This is really about how we perceive all religion. And especially how we can compartmentalize such complex things as faith in terms of good, bad, right and wrong. When you get down to it, all Religion is flawed. There is no right and wrong. It’s shocking to me that we can actually say that one belief system is wrong while remaining silent over the others.

Let’s talk about the Scientology debate first of all. When you think about it, it’s no more a dangerous force than Catholicism or Christianity in general. A important corner stone in the anti scientology debate is the amassing of wealth that seems to be going on. Ummmm, seriously?? Did you not notice Vatican City?? The pope living in a palace?? Is owning your own country somehow ok if it’s landlocked?? If they owned a private island, would that break the loophole?? (possibly with a Jesus carved into a volcano; I’m just brainstorming here)

Another argument is about the amount of control exerted by L. Ron’s Hubbard’s followers in the media. Sure, that is important. But nothing compared to the sheer force the religious right has over the American government. Their Iron grip is nothing short of terrorism. So I guess blocking youtube videos is just as bad as nearly killing kids to overturn Roe v. Wade. I’m not saying that any children has been directly murdered by Pro Life people. But I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be that much of a choice if they knew it would benefit them in this battle for moral superiority and control.

Sure, evil Lord Xenu banished alien souls and they are the reason for bad emotion. Of course it’s fiction. Of course its absurdity. But has anyone read the book of Mormon?? I have more faith in a child telling you about their how they invented rocket boots and went on adventures with a space werewolf, but he can’t show you the rocket boots because he lost them and has forgotten how how to make another pair. Please. I understand that proof negates faith, but the bible is essentially a massive collection of folk tales and they are first had witness accounts or knew someone who was there. The buck stops and starts with Joseph Smith.
Joseph Smith Jr made L. Ron Hubbard look like a sincere historian. He was a liar, a charlatan, and nearly brought about a Civil War.

I was given a very fine Jesuit education, by the way. No matter my personal musings on faith, alot of what I was thought secedes religion. Per Vias Rectas, by straight ways is a very important lesson we can all follow. And it doesn’t matter if your main man is Jesus, Moses or Mohammed (blessings and peace be upon his name), we can try and be a man for others. Which I try and be every day.

To believe in a higher power is to lose all faith in humanity. If we agree to God’s will, we have accept a very grim morality. Passing off a horrendous, unacceptable loss of life as “part of God’s plan” tells us that ultimately, we are not important and our grip on this world in tentative at best. I don’t believe in God. I believe in people and our innate capacity for good. So it’s up to us.
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236: Gustatory, Being of taste.

It feels odd to do this. It’s been awhile since I was actually comfortable doing it, to be honest. I haven’t kept Drastic updated like I should because, I just wasn’t able to. When this dry spell started last year, I couldn’t even make a mark on page, let alone bring something to completion. Staring at a blank page felt like I was staring into some sort of abyss. Trying to make a sketch, let alone a comic, filled me with utter dread. I was starting to find the very idea of trying to be creative incredibly claustrophobic. So I just stopped.

Sure, I put up some comics in the mean time, and while I do really like that Richard Dawkins one, my heart just wasn’t in them. I just wanted to do something, anything. And even still, I couldn’t keep that up. Whatever manic energy kept me going in Halifax to do three strips a week dried up long ago.

But I honestly feel real joy coming back into my life, as pretentious, and new age as that sounds, its true. It all seems much less desperate now. So yeah, lucky you getting more comics about feces.

Ladies (and some guys, I guess), what is up with those fringes?? Answers on a postcard please.
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  235 :  Also noteworthy: Rutherford B. Hayes

As an Irish person, I know I have no vote, no control at all over what happens in November when people cast their votes, but holy crap, are American politics, especially elections, gripping stuff. Maybe it’s a symptom of the Iraqi war dominating or social vocabulary, or Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert filling up our inboxes hidden behind catchy banners like “lol, check this out.” But anyway, I digress. I have Primary Season fever. I am churning through news blogs and international news sections like some demented loon, desperate for information. Curse you America, curse you for being so damn dynamic and your electoral system so damn archaic.

Anyway, I digress. If I had a vote, it would definitely be for Obama. He genuinely seems like the real deal. Honest, intelligent, level-headed, and inspiring in equal measure. He’d only be more perfect if he came on the court during half time at a NBA game and sunk a basket from the halfway line. Everything I have heard him say about healthcare, the economy and the war, make perfect sense to me. I know alot of his detractors say that his talk about change is really just empty rhetoric, a device used to get people excited about nothing. Pffft. Getting people excited and optimistic is just the sign of a great public speaker. And even it is a fallback position, talk about change and hope is a million miles away from Hilary constantly bringing the discussion back to her having a vagina. Every time she talks she is setting feminism back by a decade. Hearing Hilary talking about women’s issues seems to me like a blind man talking about the rainbow.

I really wanted to draw Rutherford B. Hayes (middle name Birchard) for the third panel. It’s a TERRIFIC name, but after the struggle I went through to get Grant’s beard right, I thought “fuck this,” and just went to another oddly named president, Grover Cleveland. Hooray.

Enjoy guys.
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April 28th

234 - Let's Blame Seth Cohen
I have no idea what to say here. I just got up, so I'm a little spaced out.

Anyways, I living in Puppy town at the moment. We picked up a gorgeous beagle pup called Molly on Friday and my weekend has been filled with going awwwwww and "holy shit, she's pissed on the carpet!!"

Actually that's unfair, she has been really good (or we have been pretty vigilant) and we haven't had a lot of major accidents yet. So fingers crossed.

I'll post pictures up on Wednesday, I just want to get this up and have a shower. (That's what she said)

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April 23rd

Like A Goose, Gill Likes Dr Suess.

Seriously, Metallica, stop fucking dicking about going on tour with Tenacious D and just release that album already. It has been 5 goddamn years since St. Anger, and even I, one of your most resolute fans, have grown tired of waiting. And from what I have heard of it, it seems you have lost as much interest in making this record as I have in listening to it. Guys, if you have any doubts about my apathy, just check this out. Booooooooooooooooooooo.

No More to say today, I just want to get this up. I’m throwing out my old computer today and I need to figure out a way to best destroy the demon that disguised itselft as a Printer for all these years.
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April 21st

232 "Battlestar Galactica" is a popular TV Show on Sci-Fi

I have no idea who the final Cylon is. I have no idea who any of the Cylons are. Well I know one is Tricia Helfer and the other is Xena, Warrior Princess. I think. I can’t be too sure. I have never watched Battlestar Galactica. Luckily, Alex totally watches it, and seems to be quite enthused by the whole thing. I’m sure I will try and watch Battlestar Galactica some time. Like maybe when its all on DVD and thanks to some “rad” skateboarding mishap, I am traction, unable to move, with lots of free time on my hands. But to honest, the clips I have seen, the stuff I have caught on TV, do not enthuse me. It honestly seems like Eastenders in Space. But Bleaker. So no thanks. But I promise you, if I am in a full body cast, I WILL watch some BG. Deal? (please don’t break my bones to make me watch your favourite TV show, kthx)

Also, voting, yadda, yadda. if you vote today, you’ll spy a preview of the piece I’m doing for the Candlelighters auction I’ve talked about this before. I hope you like it. This is just a photoshop mock up, the real thing will be with inks and gouache. Hooray. Enjoy it.

Feedbackz, yr doin it wrong

Adam 01

April 14th

231 :  Patrick Hillery, 1923-2008

Sorry, this is late, had a lot of stuff to get done today. Oh well, such is life. I have no idea why I'm apologizing as its only relevant for a day at most. When looking back through the archives, this will seem perfectly on time. Oh well. If you're reading this in the future, you got me, this comic was totally not delivered in a prompt fashion. Stop looking at me with sad, disappointed eyes, oh reader from the future.

I wasn't even alive when Paddy Hillery was President, but he seemed to awful well for himself, despite being afflicted with a crippling case of bald. But seriously, check out those sideburns, they are truly the stuff of myth and legend. I guess I'm not the only one who noticed, as the fine readers of Der Speigel magazine voted him one of the sexiest World Leaders. Believe me, German people know the score.

Also, Spider-Man is on TV right now. Holy shit, this is one of the dumbest films ever made. I saw this film twice in the theatres, and its only when I shelled out 20 quid for it DVD I realised that its a hulking piece of shit which is too stupid to live. God, I feel so bad for liking this film. Really, really awful. I guess we all make mistakes.

Thankfully, The Spectacular Spider-Man, the new Spidey Cartoon, is off the fucking chain.
Adam 01

April 11th

230: Also known as "Axe Bodyspray" everwhere else.

Christ. I fucking hate that ad with all my twisted, hollow little heart. How is being eaten alive by some ladies a good way to advertise a product? The guy gets his arm ripped in broad daylight!! I’ve had nightmares tamer than that. Also, seriously, there is a white guy who gets all chocolately brown?? Why not just paint a massive pair of white lips on him and get him to sing Jimmy Crack Corn? Fucking hell.


Hey, look at that! A flier for an awesome charity auction. I’ve talked about this before, but I’m not one for just mentioning stuff once. I’m really excited to be a part of this, and I can’t wait for it to get started so we can make a LOT of money for charity. Also, selfishly, I am a giddy with excitement to be on the same list as Alex Maleev, Brian Wood, David Mack, Lee Berjemo and Dean Trippe. I wouldn’t even mind if it was a “Don’t accept cheques from..” list. Thankfully, this is infinitely cooler.

Also, voting, yadda, yadda.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

April 9th

229- NOT a Continuity Error in Panel Two

Gill, took off her coat while she was going to the other side of the store, guys. But seriously, if you’re ever in a jam and can’t think of what to choice to make, just breathe, relax and ask yourself “what would Ernest Hemingway do?” More often than not, you will find your self on a tropical beach shooting a gun off into the air. Which we all have to agree is a pretty sweet outcome to most daily conundrums. It May not be the idea solution but t least you will get a few stories out of it.

So yeah, Voting. If you make with the clicky, you’ll see a drawing I did with pencils, pens and Markers, oh my! I might make all the incentives photos of actual drawings I’ve done, if you’re into it.

I would totally see a a Hart to Hart movie. Hell, I would happily see the movie if it was a narritive used to make the opening sequence into one 90 minute feature of awesome. Start off with a car chase, then have them jump off a building, into a masquerade ball, a quite bit of dangerous skiing, have a little second act bath and tandem bike interlude, have them turn into vampires (while roller skating) throw some dude into a whole bookshelf of Ming Vases, them top it off with a few explosions and have a dramatic snowmobile chase. Wouldn’t that be the BEST MOVIE EVER???

See you on Friday,

Adam 01

April 7th

228:  It could be any charity, anywhere.

You know what’s a good movie? Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. I really hope that this is a case of me preaching to the choir, as this is a fucking awesome movie and if you really should have seen it by now. But I’m only saying this as I’m watching it again for like the fourth time and it still really fresh. Hooray.

Now, I have no problem, per say with charity. I do have a problem with people being harassed into being good people, as if we have this massive defect inside that makes us incapable of compassion. And how much do we have to give to offset the wages of these clipboard waving prophets of the hard sell?? Fuck those guys is what say.

For those of you that are in the mood, why not vote for me on Buzzcomix?? It’s a good time, I swear. All the cool kids are doing it. Also, for those that care (it can’t be just me) Drastic’s comixpedia page is all updated. Truly, the internet is a wonderous thing.