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April 7th

228:  It could be any charity, anywhere.

You know what’s a good movie? Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. I really hope that this is a case of me preaching to the choir, as this is a fucking awesome movie and if you really should have seen it by now. But I’m only saying this as I’m watching it again for like the fourth time and it still really fresh. Hooray.

Now, I have no problem, per say with charity. I do have a problem with people being harassed into being good people, as if we have this massive defect inside that makes us incapable of compassion. And how much do we have to give to offset the wages of these clipboard waving prophets of the hard sell?? Fuck those guys is what say.

For those of you that are in the mood, why not vote for me on Buzzcomix?? It’s a good time, I swear. All the cool kids are doing it. Also, for those that care (it can’t be just me) Drastic’s comixpedia page is all updated. Truly, the internet is a wonderous thing.
Tags: kiss kiss bang bang., please don't think i'm an anti-semite, shane black, the camps
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