drasticcomics (drasticcomics) wrote,

June 25

Drastic 221:  Blessings and Peace be upon his name?? Is that the Guy??

Am I the only person to injure himself while trying to put a Tupperware lid on?? Jesus Christ, my thumb is still is sore. I can’t have pulled a muscle doing this have it?? It’s really sore. I just know know Gill is going to tell me my problem is that I don’t eat enough meat. I have a finely honed sense for these things. Speaking of that, health food shops are fucking scary places. I went in there to get some iron, folic and B12 supplements (because I’m awesome) and I really wanted a bacon sandwhich after I left so I wouldn’t be associated with those people. Ewwww. Seriously.

Bruno, does this voting incentive count as taliking about Star Trek?? I hope not. I think this week will see the end of the lolincentives, as I need to keep it fresh. Maybe. If I don’t have any ideas next week, who knows??

So yeah, Icky Thump is a pretty badass album. I should preface that saying I really want to punch Jack White in the face and I still really like this album. Its very tasty. It’s loud, guttural, bluesy as all hell and pretty inventive. It’s a good record. If the title track doesn’t make you want to pick up a guitar and rock the fuck out, you’re totally dead inside. Seriously, it rocks. So yeah, check it out.

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