drasticcomics (drasticcomics) wrote,

June 25

I can't think of anything to rant about today, I'm far too hungover. I usually don't get hangovers, but when you break out the 12 year old scotch at 3am after a full night of drinking, you're never gonna wakeup the next day intact.

Today's comic comes from this product which I think is pretty cool! Just in case anybodies ever looking to get me a present. Adam, I'm just sayin, last year all I got was you coming home from Canada. How about this year you get me something I actually want! :P

Anyway, well done to all my computer science buddies that got their
results. Mine are out next week, so I'll be spending most of my days
working in drunken fear......
See you all on Wednesday then!
Later days!
Tags: written by gill
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