drasticcomics (drasticcomics) wrote,

June 22

And so I return, from the depths of hell of which I was sent. Adam asked me to help out with Drastic again. Apparently, without my constant complaining, the lack of updates were becoming a problem.

However hopefully, we'll get this bandwagon back on track.

Tom Waits ruined music for me. I recently realised that once I became a fan of him, I stopped finding new music or bands. I used to discover artists all the time, but nowadays I find myself just continually returning to Mr. Waits. Once I figured out I was doing this however I thought I should change. So I've started asking some of my friends for a list of their top 5 favourite artists. I get a few songs and figure out if I like them or not. So far I've avoided my friends who like metal, out of fear of becoming more retarded. Right now I've been listening to a strange mix of God is an Astronaut and Regina Spektor.
Life has become very surreal.....
The rest of my time has been taken up by Ogame. Which is fantastic and easy! I strongly recommend people to play.

Aside from that, I shall return Monday! Happy weekend!

Tags: written by gill
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