March 25th, 2008

Adam 01

Adventures in Uncledom, part 1

Hooray, more comics!  Drastic’s Adam hasn’t grown a beard since the last time I updated, this is actually me, well, a more accurate representation of me rather than the rather 2 dimensional sideburn version of me.  This is an actual conversation I had with my nephew Ben when I saw that crazy children’s version of Noah’s Ark in Ben’s book pile.  Christ.  I guess it’s a fun story, sort of, but still, hardly a tale for impressionable youths.  Hey, Noah, his family and all those animals are ok, but everyone else? Drowned.  Dead at the bottom of the new ocean.  Ok, night night. Boooo<br />

Not much to talk about tonight, but there will definitely be a Drastic on Friday.  Why am I so confident?  Because its already drawn.  Hooray.<br />
See you later then.