June 24th, 2007

Gill 01

June 25

I can't think of anything to rant about today, I'm far too hungover. I usually don't get hangovers, but when you break out the 12 year old scotch at 3am after a full night of drinking, you're never gonna wakeup the next day intact.

Today's comic comes from this product which I think is pretty cool! Just in case anybodies ever looking to get me a present. Adam, I'm just sayin, last year all I got was you coming home from Canada. How about this year you get me something I actually want! :P

Anyway, well done to all my computer science buddies that got their
results. Mine are out next week, so I'll be spending most of my days
working in drunken fear......
See you all on Wednesday then!
Later days!
Adam 01

June 25

Drastic 221:  Blessings and Peace be upon his name?? Is that the Guy??

Am I the only person to injure himself while trying to put a Tupperware lid on?? Jesus Christ, my thumb is still is sore. I can’t have pulled a muscle doing this have it?? It’s really sore. I just know know Gill is going to tell me my problem is that I don’t eat enough meat. I have a finely honed sense for these things. Speaking of that, health food shops are fucking scary places. I went in there to get some iron, folic and B12 supplements (because I’m awesome) and I really wanted a bacon sandwhich after I left so I wouldn’t be associated with those people. Ewwww. Seriously.

Bruno, does this voting incentive count as taliking about Star Trek?? I hope not. I think this week will see the end of the lolincentives, as I need to keep it fresh. Maybe. If I don’t have any ideas next week, who knows??

So yeah, Icky Thump is a pretty badass album. I should preface that saying I really want to punch Jack White in the face and I still really like this album. Its very tasty. It’s loud, guttural, bluesy as all hell and pretty inventive. It’s a good record. If the title track doesn’t make you want to pick up a guitar and rock the fuck out, you’re totally dead inside. Seriously, it rocks. So yeah, check it out.

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