June 22nd, 2007

Gill 01

June 22

And so I return, from the depths of hell of which I was sent. Adam asked me to help out with Drastic again. Apparently, without my constant complaining, the lack of updates were becoming a problem.

However hopefully, we'll get this bandwagon back on track.

Tom Waits ruined music for me. I recently realised that once I became a fan of him, I stopped finding new music or bands. I used to discover artists all the time, but nowadays I find myself just continually returning to Mr. Waits. Once I figured out I was doing this however I thought I should change. So I've started asking some of my friends for a list of their top 5 favourite artists. I get a few songs and figure out if I like them or not. So far I've avoided my friends who like metal, out of fear of becoming more retarded. Right now I've been listening to a strange mix of God is an Astronaut and Regina Spektor.
Life has become very surreal.....
The rest of my time has been taken up by Ogame. Which is fantastic and easy! I strongly recommend people to play.

Aside from that, I shall return Monday! Happy weekend!

Adam 01

June 22

Drastic 219: "News" Travels fast, I guess.

Seriously, I’m not making this up. To avoid the effort of reading through a bunch of emails like I had to suffer through with that Pauly Unstoppable debacle, I don’t really think Heavy Metal Fans are retards. But Slayer does suck balls, right?? I mean, come on, give me that, at the very least. They’re just awful. Am I right?? I think so. I just realised if any of those indignant body mod people are still reading (after I insulted everything they hold dear) and they like Metal, boy will I have some very whiney and irritating communiqués. Yes, I said communiqués. I think I’m allowed.

So yeah, voting
time!! This is really a merging of the lolcat theme and Star Trek IV
. That was a good movie. They had whales, even though Young Denny shot no one. He threatened a bunch of surgeons with a gun, but it’s just not the same. SHOOT SOMEONE FOR GOD’S SAKE!! He shoots people in the other four films, yeah?? I hear number 2 is full to the brim with Klingons. Please tell he shoots them. Denny Crane. Are they’re homeless people in space?? Certainly rabbi’s?? I bet the rabbi’s of the future have awesome beards. Denny Crane.

Also, as you can see, Gill’s Back. YAAAY. I guess. Nah, seriously, its great to have her back in the fold, and she’ll be taking a much more prominent role this time round, no matter how much she doesn’t want to. It’s not slavery. I think. Anyway, the main reason she’s back is that well, I’ve been pretty off for the last well, ages now. I’ve been feeling pretty rough and empty, and while Drastic is one the best things I have ever done, I just couldn’t do it. It’s also fair to point out that a whole bunch of shit got neglected, not just the webcomic. So gill is back to encourage me and failing that, nag me back into doing this three days a week.

Thank you all for your patience.

Seriously, you’ve been awesome