June 4th, 2007

Adam 01

June 4th

Drastic 218: Could be worse, he could have walked in with a ruler..

It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m sitting on a train on the way back home to glorious Dublin. Of course by the time this is uploaded, I’ll be back in the aforementioned capital city. There’s a couple sitting across from me eating the faces off each other I have no idea whether to ignore them or ask if I can join in. Also, the position of their hands makes me paranoid that he’ll be getting a covert handjob under the table. Fair play to them, but these are clean jeans and I don’t want to get a splashes on them. Remember people: if ever jerking someone off on public transport, please be courteous of those around you and aim away, or least keep it in his pants. OR better yet, don’t masturbate your partner in public!!

INCENTIVES!! Hopefully, you’ll like today’s, as I have whole weeks worth done along the same lines. Internet fads, TO ME!!

Rain seemed to be the order of the weekend, this bank holiday. Stupid weather. I think it rained all day Sunday, without repent. I managed to go for a run along the beach and see some cows today though. Man, I love cows. They have the capacity to look elegant and fucking ridiculous all in the same instant. The ones I saw today were pretty friendly, too. Maybe they knew I wasn’t going to eat them, so we were cool.

Any ways, the shit weather goes against the unwritten rule of Irish weather: “It shall always be sunny on the June bank Holiday weekend to torture those poor bastards doing their Junior and Leaving Certs.” The majority of my Irish readers can probably remember the feeling of imprisonment that comes from scouring over Hamlet and other such nonsense while the sun beamed through your windows, taunting you to enjoy yourself, but NOoooOOOooo, you had to study. But now, the weather was awful, and the balance is disturbed.

Incidentally, for those keeping up, the couple are still making out, their hand placement breeds suspicion, and bizzarely, the gaggle of old people in the next isle remain oblivious. Oh great, now they ignore people. Pfft. Back in the day. I couldn’t even light up a crack pipe in public without being on the business end of accusatory coughs and icy, awkward, blameful glares. Guess times have changed, huh?? But whats the good in being old if you can’t look down on people for making the same mistakes you probably made?? Madness.

As much as I can enjoy Star Trek, I don’t think actual Star Trek fans actually count me among their ranks as I actually did enjoy Voyager. And I still can’t watch the original series, now matter how awesome William Shatner is. Also, am I the only nerd on the plant who hasn’t seen the Wrath of Kahn?? Sometimes, I think I am. But I’ve seen Kirk going “KAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNNNN,” like a million times, not to mention the countless parodies, so what am I missing??

See you on Wednesday.