April 24th, 2007

Adam 01

April 24

Drastic 211, Similar to "Suiting up," but with Subtle Differences

See?? I can do stuff. Two days, two comics. Boo and yeah. Anyways, On the advice of Bruno, I'm offering up a relatively blank version of Panel three for a Meme. Just Vote, Grab the image and add your own dialogue and post it in the comments section here and lets have some fun, shall we?? YAY fun!! Whoo amusement!!

Yeah, I was shown this by my friend Lucian and i thought I'd share it all with you guys. Scary stuff, eh??

Don't forget about the meme!! Seriously, the Comments section is open to anybody so feel free!!

See you tomorrow!!

Since I've found out you can't post images in the comments section, just email your memes to adam@drasticcomics.com and i'll post them here, Collapse )