April 4th, 2007

Adam 01

April 4th

Drastic 206: what else was he going to do??

So yeah, Keith Richards totally snorted his dad up. He mixed it up with some coke and away it went up his nose. I mean, Jesus Christ. One the one had he fucking did a line of what used to be his father and on the other hand, well, its Keith Richards, what do you fucking expect?? But still, it makes me worried about cremated now. Cos fuck it, I'm not getting buried. Being buried is just retarded. It's this morbid bizarre mix of horticulture and littering, and is not for me.

Anyways...if it's your feeling sick right now, HUGS to you.
And if you're feeling sick AND it's your birthday too?? Jesus, I think DOUBLE HUGS are called for.

Anyways, things are pretty hectic here, so there's no new incentive today Ooops. Oh well. Sorry about that. The comic will be on time and with an incentive on Friday, you can bank on that, umm, yo.

Also, please for the love of god, listen to Xavier Rudd. I've mentioned him before, but Jesus Christ, I fucking adore this dude. he rocks. Enjoy.

ALSO, I want to thank the dudes from Synaptic Clog and Damn That's Cool for having the good sense and taste to link to me. Seriously, thanks dudes.