April 1st, 2007

Adam 01

Adam "not" eating meat

Not much to say except that meat is like awesome and vegetables are disgusting. Like, for sure. When I was looking up pictures of vegetables, I felt sad, angry and nauseous in one go. Let me tell you, it was a fun ride.

Way I see it, vegetarians and all those smug folks driving on bio-diesel, are behind the curve. I really hope we're going to be sensible and keep livestock levels sustainable. I'm pretty certain in the next few generations that the cow, the chicken and the rest of the cute animals we eat, will still be delicious.

Once again, my choice to eat meat is a source of bonding between myself and Gill. Eating meat is awesome. I would whole heartedly recommend it. Two thumbs up from me. Well, I think animals are scrumptious, and people ask should go around eating them?? Fuck yes! Please don't give me all that "equal rights, fair treatment" stuff. Because quite frankly, we were moved on the top of the food chain, and are gonna stay there, holding it hostage
Enjoy your weekend guys!!