March 27th, 2007

Adam 01

March 28

Drastic 203: Tricks of the Trade from Gill

I guess I'm just of the opinion that if something is good, it should be shared. i know I'm quoting Studio 60 here, who were quoting Pericles(who was Strategos, not Mayor), "All good things should flow into the boulevard". But i can totally understand why people want to keep things a secret. It makes the song more special, more perfect in a way, if you are the only who can experience it. That's a total valid opinion to have. I know the mainstream is a bad thing, but its not. The mainstream just been polluted by compromise and selfishness. It should be a benchmark of quality, where truly special things can be seen, but unfortunately, commercialism has corrupted that. Fuck that noise i say, fuck that noise. If you like something, share it. And I swear to God, this isn't my contrived way of asking you to tell people about of Drastic. This is about telling people about the stuff you love.

Like PhantomFM. Phantom is easily the best radio station I have ever listened to. While primarily an "indie" station, it's remit is to play good music, and just that. The guys at Phantom are dedicated to bringing you the best music out there, whether you have heard of them or not. They have a real passion for music and it totally shows. I love Phantom, and I'm so glad they are back on the air. HUZZAH FOR PHANTOM!!!

Continuing our theme (yes we have a theme today) of the sharing of ideas, I'd like you guys to check out today's voting incentive. you may remember Monday's comic was called "Translated from the Original Swedish." Well, anyway, the extremely generous and handsome Richard Nilsson translated the comic into Swedish!! How awesome is that?? Answer: EXTREMELY. He'll have a comic coming out fro the aspiring Fail Comics that sounds pretty cool. It's called "Legion of Two" and you should keep an eye out for it. but don't worry, I'll be reminding you as as often as I can.

Ok, have a good Wednesday guys!!