March 23rd, 2007


March 23

Drastic 201: Let Alone Not Hitting Himself in the Face With His Nunchucks

First things first, I suppose. Hopefully, you can read today’s comic, as I had such a hard time trying to format it day, as it’s such an awkward shape. For those of you having a hard time reading it, click here for a vertical, Questionable Content style strip. .

The comic today deals with something I touched on earlier in the sense that I really don’t like Leonardo at all. Well, he’s a good character, but he’s easily my least favourite turtle. But then again, there is some stiff completion. In this regard, today’s voting incentive deals with this again. Poor Leonardo. Maybe I wouldn’t treat him so badly if he wasn’t such a goddamn jacktard.

So,yeah, TMNT Even though it’s been boiled down to its initials, I still get a kick out of saying, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yeah, this was a pretty awesome film. But in fairness, the majority of my enjoyment came from having my expectations smashed. I thought it’d be merely ok. It’s not those heroes in a half shell have had much luck with finding a new audience. While I was looking forward to seeing the Turtles on the big screen for the first time in well over 15 years (eep) I wasn’t expecting much else. But I was wrong. There is an actual movie here that is worth watching, regardless of how old your are, or what cartoons you watched, if at all.

In parts, this is surprisingly complex and mature in places, making it a spiritual successor to the first live action film. in my opinion, this is more balanced than the original live action one, in terms of darkness and light. Some bits are scary and gritty, but these are evened out by some nuanced and well placed humour. Nothing feels forced and you can totally tell that whoever made this really digs the Turtles, but is brave enough to go his own route and tell his own story.

All four Tutrles’ characters are just nailed in this. Infact, the relative unknowns providing the voices for the guys do such a good job that you almost forget about the fact that it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Chris Evens (The Human Torch) doing April O’Neil and Casey Jones. Maybe its because his character has hair, but Patrick Stewart goes unnoticed too, in a really good way. While having relatively famous voice actors present, they don’t over shadow the story, like other non-Pixar animated films.

I loved the beejesus out of this movie, and I hope you do too.

Also, if you’re still reading, and thanks if you are (high five!) check out Casey Affleck’s Banned PSA for PETA. Seriously, Casey Affleck is a hardcore vegan. Yep you can add that to your list of things you know about Casey Affleck, along side the only two thing anyone else know about him. 1) is that weird kid from Ocean’s 11 and 2) unfortunately related to Ben Affleck. Anyway, PETA didn’t ban the PSA, the Food Network, E! Entertainment Television, and the TV Guide Channel are refusing to air it, which is quite frankly, bullshit. The reason these networks are refusing to show the PSA is due to “Graphic Content,” which is where I call shenanigans. Yes, it shows animals being killed, but where do think your dinner comes from?? Most animals aren’t treated humanly in anyway, shape or form. And if people think these images are too violent, THEY SHOULDN'T BE EATING MEAT. I'm sorry, but like it or not, something died for your supper and you can't distance yourself from it. If you are uncomfortable with these sights, and think the inhumane slughter of animals is wrong, maybe you need to revise your dietry choices. Check these dudes out for some good info

Also, I’m trying something new out, so if you want, you can Comment on today’s strip here. I’m merging the rants with a livejournal, so it’ll be easier to keep track of. Well, it works for David Willis