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26th of mrach 2007

I swear to god, there are now two little girls walking around Sweden with the name Metallica. I can only imagine the above to be a verbatim conversation that will take place sometime in 2012. I mean seriously?? Metallica? For a girl?? Seriously?? Seriously?? Even speaking a Metallica fan, I ccan't wrap my head around it. The idea of given your child a unique name has some benifits, i suppose. It gives them a sense of identity, some degree of independence, but Metallica?? Coming from someone who will actively try and convince his wife that "Odysseus," "Atticus" and "Leonidas" will make excellent middle names, calling your child after the band that brought us Enter Sandman, is almost criminally negligent. Calling your Child Led Zeppelin on the other hand....

And here, we go again, time for voting!! Oh yes, its voting, its voting time. This came out differently than I expected. in the sense that i sat down to draw one thing and the incentive you see before you appeared. it really had a life of its own. I really should redraw it, as I'm not too pleased with the outcome, but meh. it was drawn at one am, and I'm just glad I was awake.

Drastic 202 = translated from the original Swedish,/a>

Also, GODDAMN YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!! I lost a whole goddamn hour!! BUT I looked out my window and I saw at eight in the evening, it was only just getting dark, so i suppose it has its benefits. For now.

So yes, i saw 300 last week. Best gay porn ever. Nah, in all seriousness, it was was awesome movie. Well, an awesomely visual movie. Its all spectacle with little depth, all flash and no substance. but that's cool. I mean, its an adaption of a Comic for God's sake. And it that regard, it does it really well. I enjoyed it, (
though not as much as TMNT) but don't go expecting anything more that awesome fights.

Also, I need to give the Shins' new Album, Wincing the night away, a proper talk about on Wednesday, but suffice as to say, I really liked it. But something kept bugging me. Why do these guys sound so familar?? (yes, this was the first time i had listened to them properly.) I couldn't place it. Anyways, I'll talk more about it later.

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