drasticcomics (drasticcomics) wrote,

October 22nd

244- Boldly Going

So, yeah, Star Trek looks fucking awesome, right?? Maybe because I have absolute faith in JJ Abrams, but I always knew the movie would be off the chain. The only complaint I have about it is that I was all geared up for a Christmas release (thanks Santa!!) and now, its being pushed back to the Summer. So what do I have to watch in the cinema over the festive period now?? The Spirit?? (why, Santa, why??) So far, that is my only complaint. I can’t wait for this movie.

I have other complaints, though. But they aren’t about the production. I’m very confused about the common thread running through several discussions about the film. Alot of people it seems, think making a movie set during Kirk and Spock’s time is a mistake, and they should be doing something new instead. I can almost get where they are coming from, but its still weird to me. Just to make it clear, Deep Space Nine is my favourite Trek series, its definitely in the top 5 of my favourite TV shows ever. I also think DS9 is one of the most important television series of all time. It was one of the first shows to mix high concept and humanity flawlessly, without sacrificing anything. Ds9 definitely lead the way for shows like Lost, Buffy, even the West Wing.

And even though The Original Series is the Trek I’m least familiar with, there is definitely something special about an Enterprise with Kirk in the captain’s chair. Benjamin Sisko is definitely my favourite Trek Captain, but Kirk, come on. The Original crew are definitely the most iconic, and it must be really impossible, when faced with a blank slate, not to want to revisit that.

Even from a bottom line point of view, a movie with the Original series crew is definitely the easiest to sell. Kirk, Spock and Bones have become pop culture icons, everyone knows who they are. This is going to be amazing.

I do think that there are too many remakes and definitely not enough imagination when it comes to developing new movie properties. Its also can be said that there are too few people like JJ Abrams. He is an incredibly talented individual, and a person who will become a household name in a few years. I have every confidence in anything he wants to do.

So yeah, I had a FANTASTIC time at 24 hour comics. I definitely hit the wall at around 3am or so. I got my comic pencilled, just not all inked. I will finish it up this week and post it up later. The Comic Cast guys came down and interviewed a bunch of us so check it out. It took me a while to recover from it, but there is no way I wouldn’t do it again

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