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The debate on Wednesday was just a thing of beauty. I have never seen someone as desperate and as angry and John McCain who wasn’t living on the street, desperate for his next fix. It was a pathetic display from a pathetic man. I can’t believe how he thought spending half the debate talking about Joe the Plumber could actually be a good thing. It was like watching a small child give a book report on treasure Island, but only knew about Ben Gunn and his love of cheese, so that was crammed into every orifice of his rhetoric.

Everyone who still thinks McCain should get a free pass because he was in a POW for five years, should read this. It’s all an act. He has disgraced his uniform, disgraced himself and has disgraced everyone who has committed and act of true heroism in war time. Because if John McCain can still be called a hero, that must cheapen your status.

Americans, I don’t need to tell you to vote Obama. This is the single most important election is history, and it must be amazing to be a real part of it. It isn’t because Obama is black. It’s because he is the most honest, energetic and hopeful presidential Candidate since Kennedy. And I believe that once elected, he will do as much good for the country as FDR. So yeah, vote.

Hooray for Facebook and it’s fan pages.

So, is on Tomorrow. Come by, check it out, say hi, get a high five. If you want to bring me a coffee or an energy drink, that would be cool too.


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