drasticcomics (drasticcomics) wrote,

The Original Article, although I’m crediting the Daily Mail, Much to my Chagrin

Hey, Amy Winehouse? Fuck you, lady. Jesus Christ, that woman is a walking nuclear disaster. She’s a junkie, plain and simple, but gets the sympathetic treatment all addicts deserve because she has money. If she was just a regular girl who had done this much damage to herself, the vast majority of the public would just spit on her and walk on. But because she has released two albums, it’s all “poor Amy.” Bullshit. There are people dying on our streets everyday and we just couldn’t give a shit. Unless they have a record contract, of course. Then they get all the second chances in the world. Addiction is a sickness, be it to alcohol , heroin, cocaine, sex or gambling. It destroys families and leaves scars that take generations to heal. These people need our help, not our disdain. Be they rich or poor. Everyone deserves that helping hand, not just the high profile ones.

I guarantee you, that unless Amy Winehouse gets treatment, she will be dead by Valentine’s day, 2009. And then we’ll mourn her, maybe Elton John will crank out another candle in the wind cover and then we’ll forget about her, and still people are dying in our streets, with no one caring.


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