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october 10th

240 - Shall we blame David Willis??Short Packed? No? Well, what is wrong with you? Go read it! Right now!! If you’re reading this newspost, you’ve already read today’s comic, so get to it!! I honestly think Short Packed is a great comic. It’s funny it’s engaging, it manages to flip between one off, irreverent gags to non boring storylines. I would say gripping, but that would sound like I am totally in Willis’ poop hole. But when he starts a storyline, its not a case of “jesus, here we go again, mr Webcartoonist wants to be creative,” they are really entertaining, and on the same level as the one off stuff.

While comic Adam and Adam Actual (that’s me guys) are pretty similiar (like awesome hair) we are different. Sort of. I have bought three transformers since 1997. A dog thingy who had a shield, an Optimus prime which sits on top of my TV since 2004, and a new bumblebee toy, which was awesome. But that’s it. I look at the new toys, and go “meh.” I really have no idea why I loved the 80’s toys and am very ashamed of my young self for being entertained by that original cartoon. But yet, I can’t get enough of the transformers wiki. It makes me so sad that I know what “JAaM” is and I get a “Why my shoulders Hurt” reference. It makes me feel empty inside. I hardly contribute anything to the fanbase, but yet, I know all about it. I really am a silly billy.

And its not just transformers fandom too, I seem to be a fucking sponge for all sorts of useless bullshit. I honestly think my Mastermind specialist subject could be the recording of Led Zeppelin IV. Did you the guys borrowed the Rolling Stones’ mobile recording studio to record the stuff they made in Headley Grange? And the song off Physical Graffitti “Boogie with Stu” was made through jamming with the Stones’ road manager Ian Stewart while he was down there with the recording studio?? Well, I do. And yet, I can’t remember important things that I was actually thought, like the greek alphabet.

So yeah, I’m a total nerd, and you should read Short packed. Huzzah!!

Also, check out the Drastic Page on facebook. If you’re a hipster who doesn’t like me (even though, I guess, I am a hipster) become my fan “ironically.” it’ll be great craic altogether.

WOHOO!! Three comics, one week!! Eat it, bitches!!

I’m in yr lvjoornlz, makin da commntz

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