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239- she could have asked "What's the Fuss, Gus??"

I’ve talked about Metallica before here, but after this rant, I am done. I’m done writing about Metallica, I’m done defending Metallica. Basically, in terms of giving a shit about Metallica, I’m done. I’m out. I can’t imagine a more moronic collection of songs then Death Magnetic. The sheer dumbness of it still shocks me, and its over a month since I have heard it. Ok, this is the band that wrote the lyrics, “Gimme Fuel /gimme fire/ Gimme that which I desire.” But how can you justify “Suicide, I've already died / You're just the funeral I've been waiting for/ Cyanide, living dead inside/ Break this empty shell forevermore” I mean, JESUS. SERIOUSLY?? Did James Hetfield become a 13 year old goth chick all of a sudden?

Death Magnetic is just awful. It’s cold, calculated and full of its own importance. It deliberately tries to invoke the kind of stuff of they were doing 20 years ago, for no other reason than they think it will play well with people. I guess after 5 years of not releasing an album, they must have wanted to produce an authentic Metallica album. It even has the old logo, the same back cover layout as Master or puppets. Its truly an old School Metallica album, right down the fact that you can’t hear the bass.

I think I must be one of the very few people who can seriously think St Anger is a good album. But that’s ok. I can honestly say that St. Anger is Metallica’s best album. While being built from the ground up again with Pro Tools, it still sounds like a bunch of guys who really love making music together rocking out. Its the first time they have ever really sounded that comfortable on an album. Also, it is easily the most emotionally honest record in my collection. It was written during a time of chaos, where the band nearly imploded, and it sounds like it. But rather than be a pure product of frustration and rage, it really sounds like it was written by people who have crawled through this river of shit and have come out clean on the other side. Its also the closest the band have come to replicated their incredible live experience in the studio.

This is the band who have a made a career out of pushing against expectations and just doing their own thing. No one who has heard Load and Reload can dispute that. Those albums were the product of touring the world for nearly three years on the back of one of the most successful records of all time. Of course it would be different. They weren’t afraid to try new things though. And that urge to explore and create were what I found essential to Metallica and made them special. For a band that has been around for longer than I have been alive, they have never sounded old. I have been to several of their gigs, and have alot of their live recordings, and they don’t sound like a bunch of forty year olds with guitars.

But alas, Death Magnetic. Overly complicated guitar parts, massively egotistical solos, songs that are all at least two minutes too long, and lyrics that sound like they were written as a joke. But what do I care?? Fuck that Noise, I am done.

Anyways, I gave a lecture at Belvedere College last week. It was about what I do (besides not shaving and watching Murder she wrote). I spent alot of it talking about Digital illustration, so I recorded a drawing I did and let it play while I talked about it. Here it is, anyway. It was an hour long, but now its under ten minutes, so it goes at a fair pace.

For those of you who are on Facebook, I made a Drastic Page so check us out and become a fan, its what the cool things are doing.

So yeah, that’s it for Today, see you on Friday.

I’m in yr lvjoornlz, makin da commntz
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