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  235 :  Also noteworthy: Rutherford B. Hayes

As an Irish person, I know I have no vote, no control at all over what happens in November when people cast their votes, but holy crap, are American politics, especially elections, gripping stuff. Maybe it’s a symptom of the Iraqi war dominating or social vocabulary, or Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert filling up our inboxes hidden behind catchy banners like “lol, check this out.” But anyway, I digress. I have Primary Season fever. I am churning through news blogs and international news sections like some demented loon, desperate for information. Curse you America, curse you for being so damn dynamic and your electoral system so damn archaic.

Anyway, I digress. If I had a vote, it would definitely be for Obama. He genuinely seems like the real deal. Honest, intelligent, level-headed, and inspiring in equal measure. He’d only be more perfect if he came on the court during half time at a NBA game and sunk a basket from the halfway line. Everything I have heard him say about healthcare, the economy and the war, make perfect sense to me. I know alot of his detractors say that his talk about change is really just empty rhetoric, a device used to get people excited about nothing. Pffft. Getting people excited and optimistic is just the sign of a great public speaker. And even it is a fallback position, talk about change and hope is a million miles away from Hilary constantly bringing the discussion back to her having a vagina. Every time she talks she is setting feminism back by a decade. Hearing Hilary talking about women’s issues seems to me like a blind man talking about the rainbow.

I really wanted to draw Rutherford B. Hayes (middle name Birchard) for the third panel. It’s a TERRIFIC name, but after the struggle I went through to get Grant’s beard right, I thought “fuck this,” and just went to another oddly named president, Grover Cleveland. Hooray.

Enjoy guys.
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