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November 5th

246 - USA!! USA!!

I'm watching Obama's acceptance speech on CNN. While I am not an American, and I did not and could not cast a vote, I still have been heavily invested in this election. Its historic for two reasons, one because of Obama's skin colour. I honestly don't think that became the issue that people were thinking it would. This is historic because for the first time in a long time, we have had the opportunity to choose. To choose between the grudging, awful politics of fear, or finally trust a person to believe in idealism, to believe in their optimism, their hope. For too long we have accepted the world as a dreary place and have drudged along accordingly. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is very famous for quoting George Bernard Shaw's line, Some men see things as they are and say, "Why?" I dream of things that never were and say, "Why not?" Finally, we have a leader who embodies that. Obama will change the world. And we will be around to witness that.

I love Bill Richardson. I believe he will be the best choice for Obama's Secretary of State. Richardson is an amazing statesmen. His record speaks for itself, and I believe it would send a clear message to the world about America. That they are ready to see true ability and potential, no matter who the person is.

If I can't see Palin crying, I would settle for a clip of McCain tripping up. You have no idea how excited I am abut the prospect of never seeing their horrible faces ever again. I am truly sick to the pit of my stomach with their antiquated, bigoted and condescending attitudes. Good riddance. McCain deserved to lose for his truly disgusting campaign.

I can't wait to see what the future holds.
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October 29th

245 - Easy Listening, being Easy to Listen to.

Its pretty sad to say that best thing about Katy Perry is her chest. The only thing she has to offer the world is that her boobs are bigger than average. Wow, congratulations. She must be real proud of herself. She has been reduced to a physical object because that’s all she has. Its certainly not her music.

“I kissed a girl, and I liked it,” she sings. Oh wow, really? How is that a fucking revelation? Kissing girls is awesome. I heartily recommend it. In fact, I have no idea why women want to kiss guys at all. When faced with a choice between kissing someone who looks like me or kissing someone who looks like my girlfriend, and even though I am a narcissistic monster, I would choose to kiss someone who looks like my girlfriend every time. Because women are just tons more attractive than men. And the men that are super attractive are more than likely want to kiss other similarly handsome men, so thats not even an issue.

What I’m saying is, Katy Perry (yeah, like she is even reading this) that saying that kissing a girl was an enjoyable experience is about as ground breaking and original as saying “hey, I don’t think that George Bush guy is very smart. Why is he the American President??” Perhaps an even more obvious song title could be “I mainlined heroine, and I liked it.”

Sexuality is an immensely private thing, and to merely exploit it without providing a way to provide context or at the very least, discuss the issues, is a hugely irresponsible waste of time. How did it become ok for two girls to kiss, but if two guys want to get it on, its like the world is about to end? What’s up with that? How fair is that? Oh wait, its not. Its bullshit. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Gay people are fucking incredible. To put up with the amount of awfulness they must endure just for being themselves, surely must make them worthy of our respect?

Oh wait, It seems it does not. Fucking hell, what is wrong with us?
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October 22nd

244- Boldly Going

So, yeah, Star Trek looks fucking awesome, right?? Maybe because I have absolute faith in JJ Abrams, but I always knew the movie would be off the chain. The only complaint I have about it is that I was all geared up for a Christmas release (thanks Santa!!) and now, its being pushed back to the Summer. So what do I have to watch in the cinema over the festive period now?? The Spirit?? (why, Santa, why??) So far, that is my only complaint. I can’t wait for this movie.

I have other complaints, though. But they aren’t about the production. I’m very confused about the common thread running through several discussions about the film. Alot of people it seems, think making a movie set during Kirk and Spock’s time is a mistake, and they should be doing something new instead. I can almost get where they are coming from, but its still weird to me. Just to make it clear, Deep Space Nine is my favourite Trek series, its definitely in the top 5 of my favourite TV shows ever. I also think DS9 is one of the most important television series of all time. It was one of the first shows to mix high concept and humanity flawlessly, without sacrificing anything. Ds9 definitely lead the way for shows like Lost, Buffy, even the West Wing.

And even though The Original Series is the Trek I’m least familiar with, there is definitely something special about an Enterprise with Kirk in the captain’s chair. Benjamin Sisko is definitely my favourite Trek Captain, but Kirk, come on. The Original crew are definitely the most iconic, and it must be really impossible, when faced with a blank slate, not to want to revisit that.

Even from a bottom line point of view, a movie with the Original series crew is definitely the easiest to sell. Kirk, Spock and Bones have become pop culture icons, everyone knows who they are. This is going to be amazing.

I do think that there are too many remakes and definitely not enough imagination when it comes to developing new movie properties. Its also can be said that there are too few people like JJ Abrams. He is an incredibly talented individual, and a person who will become a household name in a few years. I have every confidence in anything he wants to do.

So yeah, I had a FANTASTIC time at 24 hour comics. I definitely hit the wall at around 3am or so. I got my comic pencilled, just not all inked. I will finish it up this week and post it up later. The Comic Cast guys came down and interviewed a bunch of us so check it out. It took me a while to recover from it, but there is no way I wouldn’t do it again
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The debate on Wednesday was just a thing of beauty. I have never seen someone as desperate and as angry and John McCain who wasn’t living on the street, desperate for his next fix. It was a pathetic display from a pathetic man. I can’t believe how he thought spending half the debate talking about Joe the Plumber could actually be a good thing. It was like watching a small child give a book report on treasure Island, but only knew about Ben Gunn and his love of cheese, so that was crammed into every orifice of his rhetoric.

Everyone who still thinks McCain should get a free pass because he was in a POW for five years, should read this. It’s all an act. He has disgraced his uniform, disgraced himself and has disgraced everyone who has committed and act of true heroism in war time. Because if John McCain can still be called a hero, that must cheapen your status.

Americans, I don’t need to tell you to vote Obama. This is the single most important election is history, and it must be amazing to be a real part of it. It isn’t because Obama is black. It’s because he is the most honest, energetic and hopeful presidential Candidate since Kennedy. And I believe that once elected, he will do as much good for the country as FDR. So yeah, vote.

Hooray for Facebook and it’s fan pages.

So, is on Tomorrow. Come by, check it out, say hi, get a high five. If you want to bring me a coffee or an energy drink, that would be cool too.


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The Original Article, although I’m crediting the Daily Mail, Much to my Chagrin

Hey, Amy Winehouse? Fuck you, lady. Jesus Christ, that woman is a walking nuclear disaster. She’s a junkie, plain and simple, but gets the sympathetic treatment all addicts deserve because she has money. If she was just a regular girl who had done this much damage to herself, the vast majority of the public would just spit on her and walk on. But because she has released two albums, it’s all “poor Amy.” Bullshit. There are people dying on our streets everyday and we just couldn’t give a shit. Unless they have a record contract, of course. Then they get all the second chances in the world. Addiction is a sickness, be it to alcohol , heroin, cocaine, sex or gambling. It destroys families and leaves scars that take generations to heal. These people need our help, not our disdain. Be they rich or poor. Everyone deserves that helping hand, not just the high profile ones.

I guarantee you, that unless Amy Winehouse gets treatment, she will be dead by Valentine’s day, 2009. And then we’ll mourn her, maybe Elton John will crank out another candle in the wind cover and then we’ll forget about her, and still people are dying in our streets, with no one caring.

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October 13th

241- Who'll be Spiro Agnew??

Hey, yeah, late whatevers. At least this wasn’t a month late, like last Monday’s!! Anyways, I need to get to bed, but yeah, the last two days really got away from me, crazy busy.

Anyways, if you’re Canadian, please vote on the 14th. And please vote for Jack Layton. He’s a great guy and will do your country proud. Plus, hey Magnum!! Come on, my Canadian chums, vote!!!

I’ll be at the 24 Hour Comics event in Dublin this weekend (the 18th and the 19th of October) and I really hope to see you guys there. It’d be great to see you guys. Also, if you want to bring me some coffee, that too, would be fucking aces. I’ll be the guy with the great beard.

Also, check out the Drastic Page if you want. You probably should, though. Its what all the cool kids are doing. Hooray for peer pressure!!

Ok, I’m off to bed now, take it easy guys!!

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october 10th

240 - Shall we blame David Willis??Short Packed? No? Well, what is wrong with you? Go read it! Right now!! If you’re reading this newspost, you’ve already read today’s comic, so get to it!! I honestly think Short Packed is a great comic. It’s funny it’s engaging, it manages to flip between one off, irreverent gags to non boring storylines. I would say gripping, but that would sound like I am totally in Willis’ poop hole. But when he starts a storyline, its not a case of “jesus, here we go again, mr Webcartoonist wants to be creative,” they are really entertaining, and on the same level as the one off stuff.

While comic Adam and Adam Actual (that’s me guys) are pretty similiar (like awesome hair) we are different. Sort of. I have bought three transformers since 1997. A dog thingy who had a shield, an Optimus prime which sits on top of my TV since 2004, and a new bumblebee toy, which was awesome. But that’s it. I look at the new toys, and go “meh.” I really have no idea why I loved the 80’s toys and am very ashamed of my young self for being entertained by that original cartoon. But yet, I can’t get enough of the transformers wiki. It makes me so sad that I know what “JAaM” is and I get a “Why my shoulders Hurt” reference. It makes me feel empty inside. I hardly contribute anything to the fanbase, but yet, I know all about it. I really am a silly billy.

And its not just transformers fandom too, I seem to be a fucking sponge for all sorts of useless bullshit. I honestly think my Mastermind specialist subject could be the recording of Led Zeppelin IV. Did you the guys borrowed the Rolling Stones’ mobile recording studio to record the stuff they made in Headley Grange? And the song off Physical Graffitti “Boogie with Stu” was made through jamming with the Stones’ road manager Ian Stewart while he was down there with the recording studio?? Well, I do. And yet, I can’t remember important things that I was actually thought, like the greek alphabet.

So yeah, I’m a total nerd, and you should read Short packed. Huzzah!!

Also, check out the Drastic Page on facebook. If you’re a hipster who doesn’t like me (even though, I guess, I am a hipster) become my fan “ironically.” it’ll be great craic altogether.

WOHOO!! Three comics, one week!! Eat it, bitches!!

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239- she could have asked "What's the Fuss, Gus??"

I’ve talked about Metallica before here, but after this rant, I am done. I’m done writing about Metallica, I’m done defending Metallica. Basically, in terms of giving a shit about Metallica, I’m done. I’m out. I can’t imagine a more moronic collection of songs then Death Magnetic. The sheer dumbness of it still shocks me, and its over a month since I have heard it. Ok, this is the band that wrote the lyrics, “Gimme Fuel /gimme fire/ Gimme that which I desire.” But how can you justify “Suicide, I've already died / You're just the funeral I've been waiting for/ Cyanide, living dead inside/ Break this empty shell forevermore” I mean, JESUS. SERIOUSLY?? Did James Hetfield become a 13 year old goth chick all of a sudden?

Death Magnetic is just awful. It’s cold, calculated and full of its own importance. It deliberately tries to invoke the kind of stuff of they were doing 20 years ago, for no other reason than they think it will play well with people. I guess after 5 years of not releasing an album, they must have wanted to produce an authentic Metallica album. It even has the old logo, the same back cover layout as Master or puppets. Its truly an old School Metallica album, right down the fact that you can’t hear the bass.

I think I must be one of the very few people who can seriously think St Anger is a good album. But that’s ok. I can honestly say that St. Anger is Metallica’s best album. While being built from the ground up again with Pro Tools, it still sounds like a bunch of guys who really love making music together rocking out. Its the first time they have ever really sounded that comfortable on an album. Also, it is easily the most emotionally honest record in my collection. It was written during a time of chaos, where the band nearly imploded, and it sounds like it. But rather than be a pure product of frustration and rage, it really sounds like it was written by people who have crawled through this river of shit and have come out clean on the other side. Its also the closest the band have come to replicated their incredible live experience in the studio.

This is the band who have a made a career out of pushing against expectations and just doing their own thing. No one who has heard Load and Reload can dispute that. Those albums were the product of touring the world for nearly three years on the back of one of the most successful records of all time. Of course it would be different. They weren’t afraid to try new things though. And that urge to explore and create were what I found essential to Metallica and made them special. For a band that has been around for longer than I have been alive, they have never sounded old. I have been to several of their gigs, and have alot of their live recordings, and they don’t sound like a bunch of forty year olds with guitars.

But alas, Death Magnetic. Overly complicated guitar parts, massively egotistical solos, songs that are all at least two minutes too long, and lyrics that sound like they were written as a joke. But what do I care?? Fuck that Noise, I am done.

Anyways, I gave a lecture at Belvedere College last week. It was about what I do (besides not shaving and watching Murder she wrote). I spent alot of it talking about Digital illustration, so I recorded a drawing I did and let it play while I talked about it. Here it is, anyway. It was an hour long, but now its under ten minutes, so it goes at a fair pace.

For those of you who are on Facebook, I made a Drastic Page so check us out and become a fan, its what the cool things are doing.

So yeah, that’s it for Today, see you on Friday.

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